The Triumvirate of Barovia

Introduction and Timelog


PART 1: Timelog



What you are about to read is non-fiction. In a way, all of the events described herein actually have occurred; spells have been cast, demons and devils slain, and other miraculous acts. All of these things have happened within the context of one long, continuous game; I say that these things really happened because real people have played character roles in this game and shaped events in a “fantasy” world which gradually took on a life of its own as the players interacted with it. This is a written record of hundreds of Dungeons and Dragons games that have taken place between 1981 and 1995 (so far). I have described them as non-fiction because all of these events actually happened within the framework of the game. “Make-believe” characters have died, and other characters have gone on to great fame and fortune, instilling pride and a sense of achievement in those people who played them. Real-world places, things, and objects have been named after things in the game. Likewise, some real events have inspired or affected events of the game. One guy I know who had a disagreement with some friends who play this game with him had his character ostracized from the adventuring party. And, in one series of games, the characters had some amazing adventures in a post-holocaust version of their own hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts. So the events in this book aren’t made up; they are the recorded reactions of real world people to a variety of hypothetical situations. After reading for a while, I think you’ll agree that truth is stranger than fiction…


This campaign logbook is actually a record of two separate but co-existing campaigns, each with more than one group of characters who form a group. When I was originally introduced to the game back in 1981, we (myself, my brother, and whatever friends happened to be there on any given day) would just play any characters in any adventure we felt like playing, and those characters would have any items and & or be any level we wanted them to have / be. That, obviously, is not a campaign. Well, after doing this a few times, this technique grew old and we started actually playing characters who started at first level fairly. Unfortunately, we still were almost completely just giving away magic items to each other, so our first group of characters still had a “Monty Haul” aspect to them for a long time afterwards. Oh well, live and learn, eh? The next step was having the games connect to each other. When your character actually had to travel from one adventure to another, and he started out at one game where he left off in the last, it started actually feeling like a campaign and a sense of reality was imposed. This was where the “magic” (no pun intended) of the game started to set in; we were hooked. Once all of the separate little games became one big game, it quickly became apparent that only one person could be the Dungeon Master, and he had to be the DM for all of the games in that campaign (which was almost all of the games that were playing at that time). My brother Scott volunteered, and no one complained. Well now it was official, and we had our first “official” campaign game the next Saturday. Everything went very smoothly until the next Saturday after that, when responsibility smacked us in the face. As it was so long ago, I can’t tell you what the exact circumstances were, but the gist of it was that no one could remember down to the last detail what happened the previous week. We were about to reenter the dungeon again; had we killed the ogre by the opening, or was he just put to sleep? Did the party get their wounds healed or not? Who finally got that magic sword that we found (all I remember is that we argued about it for half an hour)? It soon became clear that some sort of group diary, logbook, notes or whatever had to be kept. As I was the guy who had decent handwriting, could spell words with more than 5 letters in them, and who was at every game, I was involuntarily volunteered. The upside to this is that I soon learned what was important to log and what was not, and I could write my entries from my own point of view (God help the other players if they messed with me, heh heh heh. I’d slander them unmercifully). After a couple of years of playing in someone else’s game, I yearned for a campaign of my own. I started with a short experimental mini-campaign during the summer of 1982. It had some success, and the characters that were played in it later became non-player characters in Scott’s campaign. Then, in 1983, I experimented with other game systems and had a very short campaign with the Gamma World game. It went well, but was shelved when I bought the Top Secret game. This campaign went very well, but it too was shelved for other things within a year. Around this time, I also began working on a mini-campaign using the Gamma World setting and AD&D rules, and a full scale, original campaign based on a world that I had created called Sixles (yes, I was very busy). In January of 1984 Scott went into Basic Training for the United States Navy, and I offered to become the new temporary DM for the original group of characters, the Holy Avengers, who by now had become extremely powerful. Gamma World was the perfect deathtrap for these overconfident oafs. The rest of the story is history; Scott never again was too excited about DM’ing games, and, aside from a few more games with the Chaotic Defenders, never again did. Shortly after the Gamma World mini-campaign started, I officially ended the Top Secret campaign and brought 2 of those characters into Gamma World via a time machine. I translated all of the Top Secret game statistics into AD & D, and for a short time I had only one campaign again. But then in the summer of 1984 the Sixles campaign got its official start (with characters who were all from Scott’s Tales of the Green Griffon campaign, most of whom had lapsed into semi-retired status by now), and Gamma World took a back seat. We still played many more games with the Holy Avengers, however, for the next several years, until they just got so unbelievably tough that they ceased to be as much fun to play; as all experienced DM ’s and players know, once the challenge is gone, so is the excitement. Sixles has flourished, however, ever since the original Tales of the Green Griffon characters were teleported there in 1985.
People and Characters
All PC's and NPC's


This is a list of all of the people who have ever been “official” players in either the Tales of the Green Griffon or Sixles campaigns (meaning those that weren’t just guests for one or two games. Believe it or not, at one time there were about a dozen people trying to get into these campaigns as official players, and we had to turn them down; there were too many people already). Over the years, about 2 dozen people have been in and out of the campaign, but it has always revolved around a handful of friends who have stuck around all these years; it’s pretty easy to tell who they are, as the dates of when people entered and left the campaign are listed below, along with what characters they played. The DM’s and the characters that they played during their time as players is listed, too (that’s two DM’s and one Assistant DM, which by the way was an unsuccessful and short-lived experiment).


Dungeon Masters:

Scott Prevett (September 1981 to [last game DM’ed was in] January 1989, as a player from May 1985 to present)
Lex, Nathaniel, Baldo, Lupy

Christopher Prevett (January 1984 to present, and as a player from September 1981 to the last game Scott DM’ed in January 1989)
Coenen, Red Rex, Lucas, Adriaxe1, Cyrran

Assistant Dungeon Master:

Timothy Buckley (December 1982 to February 1983, then as a player from February 1983 to September 1984)
Sulta, Daryn, Larson



Sean Kirkpatrick (September 1981 to present)
Gorgo, Kazar, Arron, Xandar

William Chute (September 1981 to April 1985)
Krityn, Luthor, Satem, Sir Zerik

Charles Mahaleris (September 1981 to September 1984)
Alid Rahms4, Boris, Lugar

Timothy Prevett (September 1981 to September 1982)
Taran, Zactavia

Ralph Garon (December 1981 to March 1982)
Draco, Sakura

William Daigle (May 1982 to September 1984)
Eldric, Aragon, Gorakk, Luke

Joseph Sawicki (May 1982 to February 1983)
Lucky, Luke (the same Luke), Shana, Cornelia

Geoff Chateneuf (May 1982 to June 1982)
Trogn, Grogn

Philip Gacek (August 1983 to February 1984)
Toboll, Avarin

James Broady (January 1984 to present)
Tzix, Melindor, Alos3, Thundarr, Malhabot

Eric Weeks (August 1984 to December 1984)
Alex2, Drammon, Sprite

Thomas Boucher (December 1986 to November 1990)
Saegar, Faere, Malindakus

Dan Callahan (January 1988 to December 1988)

Carrie Russell (August 1989 to September 1991)

Jude Burns (August 1989 to February 1990)

George Skelton (August 1989 to June 1990)

Richard Adams (September 1989 to February 1995)
Mugsy, Bolombo, Zorr Prime, Gakk

Richard Solazzi (September 1990 to November 1990)

James Cunningham (September 1990 to November 1990)

Steven Geribo (January 1991 to September 1991)

Blaine Loder (June 1991 to September 1991)
Red Zingo

Jenna Prevett (April 1996)

Sean Thurston (April 1996)


This is a brief list of all of the player characters and most of the non-player characters who have appeared in the campaign at one time or another. Given the amount that are still active, this is a surprisingly huge list. Their names, alignments, races, levels, and classes are listed, in that order. All alignments have been abbreviated down to 2 letters (or one N in the case of True Neutrals). They are listed under the group that they have primarily traveled with, with player characters being listed first along with their player, then the non-player characters are listed.


Player Characters:

Coenen Magna Nimitz (Chris Prevett) – LG Mutated Human 7th and 14th level Paladin and Cavalier
Tzix (Jim Broady) – NG Mutated Kzinti 10th and 9th level Agent and Barbarian
Gorgo (Sean Kirkpatrick) – LG Mutated Human and Centaur 13th level Fighter
Daryn the Wanderer (Tim Buckley) – CN Mutated Human 11th level Fighter
Krityn (Bill Chute) – N Mutated Half-Elven 15th level Psionicist
Alid Rahms (Chuck Mahaleris) – LG Human 3rd and 11th level Cleric and Monk
Taran of Cear New Dalben (Tim Prevett) – NG Human 16th level Ranger
Sir Zerik (Bill Chute) – N Half-Elven 1st level Druid, DECEASED
Grogn (Geoff Chateneuf) – CG Human 1st level Fighter, DECEASED
Phloid (Dan Callahan) – NG Mutated Human 15th level Ranger
Adriaxe (Chris Prevett) – CN Winged Folk 4th level Fighter
Sakura (Ralph Garon) – CG Human 1st level Samurai
Zactavia (Tim Prevett) – NG Human 1st level Cleric
Bolombo Gigante (Rich Adams) – CN Half-Ogre Mage 7th level Fighter
Zorr Prime (Rich Adams) – CN Drow Elven 8th / 6th level Duelist / Thief
Gorakk “Spaz” Dracos (Bill Daigle) – CN Human 1st level Berserker
“Black” Alex Blackthorn (Eric Weeks) – LG Human 11th level Ranger
Toboll “Mikey” Shahlauem III (Phil Gacek) – LG Mutated Wood Elven 3rd level Cavalier
Lucky Lightfingers (Joe Sawicki) – N Human 11th and 1st level Thief and Druid, DECEASED
Snarla (Bill Daigle) – LG Human female 6th level Magic-User
Aragon (Bill Daigle) – CG Human 4th level Ranger

Non – Player Characters:

Lex – NE Human / Dwarf 14th and 8th level Assassin and Executioner
Mikey McLaughlin – CN Homo Superior Human 11th and 6th level Agent and Musician
Nathaniel Henchheaver – LN Human 3rd and 7th level Magic-User and Monk
Osiris – LN Githzerai 7th level Monk
Borg – CG Human 1st level Magic-User
Dobrynya Nikitch – NG Human 17th level Fighter
Theander – CG High Elven 7th / 10th level Fighter / Magic-User
Sir Galahad – LG Human 20th level Paladin, DIVINELY ASCENDED
Jageef – LG Brutorz
Harold Shea – CG Human 7th level Fighter
Jorj Washing – LG Human 4th level Fighter
Sthan – LN Nova Nevadan 12th, 19th, and 20th level Timelord, Magic-User, and Psionicist, DIVINELY ASCENDED
Rivendar – CG Titan
Solomon Niner – CG Human 12th and 13th level Sage and Oracle
Skaal – LG Ki-rin
Grudd Turke – CN Half-Ogre 7th level Fighter
Redmod Dumple – NG Dwarven 10th level Fighter
Grondaria – LG Human 8th level Paladin
U. S. President Paul X. Kelly – LG Human 6th and 4th level Mercenary and Psionicist
Professor Clark A. “Ziebart” Denton, III – CG Mutated Human Cyborg 4th level Mutationist
Lichtenbraun – CN Human 13th level Cleric
Los Angeles, 10 Miles – NG Human 4th level Mutationist
Sorjir – CG Storm Giant
Tweety – N Parilla 2nd level Mutationist
Dronus – CG Titan
Cyrran Nimitz – LG Human 11th level Monk
Angreen – CG Jaget, DECEASED
Trilloch – CG Half-Elven 3rd level Magic-User
Allison – LN Mutated Humanoid female 1st / 1st level Mutationist / Beastmaster
Greyday – CG Human 8th level Ranger
Poppy – N (unknown alien plant life form)
Eukariah – LN Human 5th level Monk


Player Characters:

Red Rex the Great (Chris Prevett) – CG Gray Elven 4th / 7th level Fighter / Magic-User
Boris Lightfoot (Chuck Mahaleris) – CG Gnome 4th / 4th level Fighter / Illusionist
Satem Logan Orion (Bill Chute) – CG Winged Folk 6th level Jester
Kazar (Sean Kirkpatrick) – CG Human 4th level Amazon
Draco Cannon (Ralph Garon) – NG High Elven 2nd / 3rd / 2nd level Fighter / Magic-User / Thief, DECEASED
Larson Bronstar (Tim Buckley) – N Half-Elven 1st / 1st level New Bard / Bandit
Drammon Fryton (Eric Weeks) – CN Gray Elven 3rd / 2nd level Alchemist / Archer
Eldric Elesar (Bill Daigle) – CG Gray Elven 2nd / 2nd level Cleric / Thief
Alos (Jim Broady) – CN Aquatic Elven 1st level Ninja
Faere (Tom Boucher) – CN Human 1st level Magic-User
Thundarr Barbarian (Jim Broady) – NG Gray Elven 3rd / 3rd level Fighter / Magic-User, DECEASED
Shana (Joe Sawicki) – CG Human female 1st level Fighter, DECEASED

Non – Player Characters:

Dark Amarong – CN Human female 3rd level Fighter
Mongol Ridir – N Human 1st level Fighter
Rupelius Siranai – N Human 1st level Fighter
Brodnic Sorjcrenz – NG Human 1/2 level Fighter
Gasthar Tobalthazar Tobedwego – N 0 level Winged Folk
Remington Milman – NG 0 level Human
A’mlis Franfiote – N Valley Elven 1st / 1st level Fighter / Magic-User
Jixel Zammoth Sands – NG Gray Elven 2nd / 3rd / 2nd level Fighter / Magic-User / Thief
Alathea – CG High Elven female 6th level Magic-User
Baldo McBaggins Sands – NG Gray Elven 4th / 3rd / 3rd level Fighter / Magic-User / Thief
Nemesis – CN Gray Elven 4th / 3rd / 4th level Fighter / Magic-User / Thief


Player Characters:

Melindor Perethean (Jim Broady) – N Human 8th level Magician
Xandar Perethean (Sean Kirkpatrick) – N Human 8th (9th) level Yogi
Gareth D’Tao (George Skelton) – N Human 8th level Taoist Cleric
Dyrka Natur (Carrie Russel) – N Half-Elven female 5th / 4th level Druid / Magic-User, DECEASED
Gakk (Rich Adams) – CN Human 6th level Barbarian
Fila (Steve Geribo) – CN Gray Elven 4th (5th) / 4th / 5th level Fighter / Magic-user / Thief
Lupy Metamorphum (Scott Prevett) – N Halfling 7th / 7th level Fighter / Thief
Lucas Metamorphum (Chris Prevett) – N Halfling 6th / 7th level Fighter / Thief
Luthor Metamorphum (Bill Chute) – N Halfling 8th level Thief
Lugar Metamorphum (Chuck Mahaleris) – N Halfling 3rd level Thief
Luke Metamorphum (Joe Sawicki, then Bill Daigle) – N Halfling 2nd level Thief, DECEASED
Lorin (Jude Burns) – CN Gray Elven 2nd level Cavalier
Kornelios “Mugsy” Flagellan, Esquire (Rich Adams) – CN (unknown human-looking alien) 3rd and 2nd level Timelord and Psionicist
Saegar of the Crimson Blade (Tom Boucher) – CN Half-Ogre 6th level Barbarian
Trogn (Geoff Chateneuf) – CG Human 1st level Fighter
Arron Longeye (Sean Kirkpatrick) – N Winged Folk 1st / 1st level Fighter / Illusionist, DECEASED
Cornelia (Joe Sawicki) – CN High Elven female 1st / 1st level Magic-User / Thief
Avarin (Phil Gacek) – CG Winged Folk 1st level Ranger
Red Zingo (Blaine Loder) – N Half-Elven 3rd / 3rd level Taoist Cleric / Jester, DECEASED
Sprite Loganar (Eric Weeks) – CN High Elven 2nd / 2nd level Magic-User / Thief
Malhabot (Jim Broady) – CN Winged Folk 3rd / 1st level Fighter / Illusionist
Malindakus (Tom Boucher) – CN Gray Elven 2nd level Magic-User
Glomm (Rich Solazzi) – CN Half-Ogre 1st level Barbarian
Thorin (Jim Cunningham) – CN Half-Ogre 1st level Barbarian

Non – Player Characters:

Byir-Hunter – NG Kzinti 1st level Fighter
Ryndana Gudas – CG Human female 1st level Magic-User
Vidmir – NG High Elven 3rd level Magic-User, DECEASED
Dunn the Elusive – N Tallfellow Halfling 5th level Thief
Fandar Vern – NG Human 4th level Ranger
Leona Vern – LG Human female 4th level Illusionist
Sterjon Hightower – CG Human 4th level Fighter
Falrik Moondance – CG High Elven 3rd / 3rd level Fighter / Magic-User
Naranzim Gingwatzim Simulacrum – CN Human 8th level Cleric
Lyana – N Gray Elven female 7th level Thief
Aljaken Quist – LG Human 2nd level Magician
Squeegee – NG 0 level Halfling
Fletcher Dandaria – N Human 8th level (Old) Bard
Bixxit Metamorphum – CG Brownie
Sulta Nuinto – N Human female 1st level Ninja
Brodo the Alcoholic Clown – CN Gnome 2nd level Jester
Ibi “Ibi G. B.” Goodbody – CG Human female 1st level Cleric
Turok, Son of Stone – CG Human 4th and 1/2 level Fighter and Magic-user


It seems reasonable at this point to explain some of the peculiarities of these characters, as there are many unusual differences between some of them and other more “normal” (whatever that means) characters. After all, what the heck is a Parilla? A Homo Superior Human? A Nova Nevadan? And what can a Yogi do? A Musician? A Mutationist? Inquiring minds want to know. Every longstanding Player Character (and a few of the prominent Non-Player Characters) are described below.


Adriaxe – Was a bard just beginning his career who traveled with Coenen and Taran in the very early days of the campaign. He was with them when they conquered the Keep on the Borderlands, and he decided to stay there with Taran, at least for a short time. He once mentioned having some family in the Gnarley Forest on Oerth.


Alex “Black Alex” Blackthorn – A very powerful and high-level fighter who joined the Holy Avengers in Gamma World, he started a fight with Daryn and was immediately aged hundreds of years in a fraction of a second by the godlike Sthan, who happened to also be with party at that time. Tzix then gleefully pissed on the pile of dust that used to be “Black” Alex.


Alos – Alos is a rare aquatic elf (and a typical Chaotic Defender, if you know what I mean. Yes, I think you do). He joined the party in North Pole City on Halfworld, but he comes from somewhere in the Cairn Hills on Oerth.


Alid Rahms – Alid is also an original campaign character, but he has never mentioned his place of origin, though it is believed that he comes from one of the island nations E of the Great Kingdom on Oerth. He has since retired from adventuring.


Aragon – Aragon used to adventure with the Metamorphums when he first started out, then he joined up with the Holy Avengers for a while. He left them after their stay on Gamma World and struck out on his own to adventure solo after coming back to Oerth. He never talked much about his origins.


Arron Longeye – A promising fighter / illusionist who adventured with the Metamorphum brothers in the Museum, he unfortunately was killed by the Androsphinx caretaker of that place on their first adventure there. He was a lifelong resident of Havenville in the Great Kingdom, which is where the Metamorphums also originate.


Avarin – Avarin was rescued by the Metamorphum brothers and Daryn, Krityn, Gorgo, and Solomon during one of their last excursions to The Museum; he had foolishly gone in by himself and was taken prisoner by the midgets who inhabit that place. He once mentioned coming from Scant in Onnwal (on Oerth, of course).


Borg – Was a low-level Magic-user who accompanied Coenen and Taran on their adventure in the Keep on the Borderlands in the Gnarley Forest on Oerth. He decided to retire there with Taran after it was over; nothing else is known about him.


Boris Lightfoot – Boris is almost as mentally unbalanced as his good friend Red Rex, and probably more so than the rest of his buddies in the Chaotic Defenders. He comes from a typical Gnome lair near the N edge of the Howling Hills in Iuz on Oerth, only about 10 miles from where Coenen grew up. He was tutored in Illusionist Magic at Phantasmal Polytech, and he claims to hold an M. S. in B. S.


Coenen Magna Nimitz – This character is one of the first and most powerful in the campaign. His family originates in the Howling Hills in Iuz, about 20 miles from the N border. Before late 571 CY he lived in relative peace with his parents, their few servants, and his 3 brothers Cyrran, Morphus, and Thengler. They lived in a small, slightly crumbling keep which was attacked around this time by a large contingent from Iuz. Their father, Bordana, was killed in the siege, though it was not completely successful. The family suffered an almost unbearable load of grief because of the siege, and this made all of the brothers determined to exact their revenge upon Iuz.


Cornelia – Poor Cornelia. She met the Metamorphum brothers in Havenville in the Great Kingdom (where she hailed from) and accompanied them on their first visit to The Museum, and she soon became an object of much ridicule and the butt of many jokes. Soon after earning the nickname of “Psychotic Man-Eating Slut”, she left them to adventure elsewhere.

fn12. fn13.

Krityn and Daryn the Wanderer – These 2 friends are from the Howling Hills as well. They were best friends who had known each other since they were toddlers. One day, shortly before they had finished their training, they found Greyday hiding in their cellar and befriended him (Krityn’s grandmother had passed away recently and willed him the house). The 3 formed an adventuring group and later split up, but Krityn and Daryn were reunited later in The Museum, a very unusual extraplanar exhibit, only open to those adventurers lucky enough to find it.


Draco Cannon – This womanizing elf was from the City of Dyvers on Oerth. He met and made good friends with Red Rex before starting his career as an adventurer. After several adventures with the Chaotic Defenders, he made the mistake of urinating on a holy symbol of a god of war of an unknown pantheon; he was immediately disintegrated by a bolt of lightning.


Drammon Fryton – Drammon has adventured with both the Metamorphum brothers and then the Chaotic Defenders. However, his personality flaws prevented him from getting along with either group, and he soon left to adventure solo. It is not known where he comes from.


Dyrka Natur – She was raised on Darke-Myste Isle, about 300 miles SE of the Gypsy Lands in Sixles. She met up with Gareth on her first adventure, and then they eventually met Lyana, Lupy, and Lorin. They made their way to the Gypsy Lands where they met more of the group, and then in the legendary Valley of the Lost they met up with Melindor and Co. Shortly afterwards, she was killed in a battle with a pack of velociraptors.


Eldric Elesar – Eldric was not an established “Blood Brother” member of the Chaotic Defenders, but he did travel with them for a long time and was accepted by them as one of their own. He is from the Yarsian Empire on Oerth, so he often provided his friends with information on that subject. Eldric is gifted in his field but sex-crazed, wild, alcoholic, and not totally sane; he fits right in with the rest of his pals. Eventually, he left the group to return to the Yarsian Empire.


Faere – Also a native of North Pole City on Halfworld, Faere met the Chaotic Defenders at the Forbidden City in the depths of the Amedio Jungle on Oerth. His personality fit their style as well, so he became a permanent member of the group.


Fila – Fila is a native of Seascape, the barony in the Gypsy Lands where he met up with Lupy, Gareth, Dyrka, Lyana, etc. He accompanied the party on an adventure, and they found his talents so useful that they asked him to become a permanent member. He has since left the group (though possibly not forever).


Gakk – This Barbarian hails from the mountainous region just S of Gaspa in the Gypsy Lands. He went on a few adventures and eventually found himself in the village of Garrotten in Seascape, where he joined the above mentioned party.


Gareth D’Tao – Is actually from Earth, from 16th century England. He returned to his hometown of Yorkshire after finishing his training in Taoism and he noticed a new building while walking down the street. Upon seeing a sign reading, “Willy Wonka’s Chocolates and Otherworldly Oddities”, he was overcome with curiosity and broke in. After seeing many bizarre and wonderful sights, he came upon a room with a teleportation device and accidentally triggered it. He was instantly teleported to Sixles, where he and Dyrka formed the nucleus for a party of characters which eventually joined up with Melindor, Naranzim, Xandar, and the Metamorphum brothers.


Glomm – Glomm is a rather simple Half-Ogre who originally came from the Amedio Jungle on Oerth; while adventuring solo there he found a portal. He entered it and came out in a large circular portal room where 2 frost giants tried to detain and interrogate him; he quickly jumped through another portal and came out in the woods near Saltmarsh in Vulgos, where he soon met the party of Malindakus, Malhabot, Brodo, and Ibi.


Gorakk “Spaz” Dracos – This psychotically unstable basket case also came from the Barrier Peaks on Oerth, originating from one of the other hill tribes. He was only with the Holy Avengers for 1 adventure, fortunately.


Gorgo – Gorgo is one of the original members of the Holy Avengers, and he is a legend in their home base town of Willip, Furyondy on Oerth. However, Gorgo has not always been good. He started off his career as an evil Half-Orc Fighter / Assassin, and he traveled with the infamous Lex for a while. During the course of his adventures, several things happened to him which changed his alignment, class, and form drastically. He has since gone from being one of Coenen’s adversaries to being one of his best friends. He originally comes from Silverwood.

fn25. fn26.

Grogn and Trogn – Were 2 fighting hillmen who grew up in the craggy ruggedness of the Barrier Peaks. Shortly after joining up with the group, Grogn was killed. He was only with the Holy Avengers for that 1 adventure, so nothing else is known about him. Trogn actually traveled with the Metamorphum brothers for a short time during their years on Oerth, but they learned very little about him as well.


Kazar – Kazar also has been around since the earliest days of the campaign. He started out his career as a paladin and traveled with Coenen for quite a while before accidentally ending up with the Chaotic Defenders. Eventually their influence changed his attitude, and he gave up his Paladinhood to become an Amazon Barbarian. He too comes from Iuz.


Kornelios “Mugsy” Flagellan, Esquire – This somewhat mysterious character met Lupy, Lorin, Gareth, Dyrka, and Lyana in Restenford, Seascape in the Gypsy Lands. He traveled with them for a while, and then he left the group when they left the Gypsy Lands. He never revealed anything about his background or his place of origin, although it is known that he is not human.


Larson “Ironhand” Bronstar – Larson is a total mystery; not even he knows anything of his past (due to total amnesia). The Chaotic Defenders found him rowing in a small boat out in the middle of the ocean and hauled him aboard their ship. Later he attached an iron robotic hand in place of his own with the help of the other party members, thus his nickname.


Lorin – He hails from the city of Irilian on Sixles, where he met Lupy. He stayed with Lupy at the astrologer’s house for a few weeks, then they both left Irilian to adventure. They traveled together for just a matter of hours before they met a Magician named The Great Bazoo who did some scrying for them via a large magical mirror that he had. Lupy found that they could pass through the mirror to the place beyond, and before Bazoo could react he, Lorin, Binky, and Pooky had jumped through. On the other side was Lyana (whom they had been scrying upon), and before Bazoo could come after them she shot through the newly created extradimensional portal, hitting the edge and shattering the mirror; this eliminated Bazoo’s ability to come after them. Then he, Lyana, Lupy, Gareth, and Dyrka went on a few adventures together before they cleaned out Garrotten Castle and he decided to settle there and become the new mayor.


Lucky Lightfingers – Lucky was an egotistical thief who joined the Holy Avengers for a short time. Nobody knew much about him, and nobody cared either. He made the mistake of attacking Gorgo one day in Coenen’s presence, right after Coenen had warned him not to start fights with his friends. He was dead before you could say, “Anal / Cranial invert”.


Malhabot – Malhabot was unfairly exiled from his adventuring party shortly after joining them in the Gypsy Lands. He comes from Seaton in Vulgos, one of the Gypsy Lands.


Malindakus – Was a Magic-User who adventured with Malhabot for a while in Vulgos; he eventually gained control of the rest of the party and managed to convince them to throw Malhabot out. He comes from Saltmarsh in Vulgos.


Melindor and Xandar Perethean – Were born on Plontar Isle in the midst of Oerth’s Million Isles region. They came from a very poor family; so poor, in fact, that when the first son, Xandar, was born their parents had to give him up for adoption because they couldn’t support him. Melindor grew up never knowing he had a brother, until meeting him accidentally by an incredible stroke of luck on the planet Sixles years later. Xandar had known a little of his family (having learned of them in his teen years from his adoptive father / mentor, Tyron Silari, a 12th level human oracle), and he convinced Melindor that he was his long-lost brother.

fn35. fn36. fn37. fn38. fn39.

The Metamorphums – Altogether there are 43 members in this family, including the brothers Lupy, Lucas, Luthor, Luke, and Lugar. They originally hail from Havenville, a halfling and human village in the Great Kingdom on Oerth. They eventually made their way to Willip in Furyondy to escape the oppression of the Great Kingdom, and they built a house there on the outskirts of town which was the basis for many adventures. Later the entire family was teleported to the planet Sixles as a by-product of the brothers’ actions, and they made a camp there, @ 25 miles N of the City of Irilian. After that, they decided to move once again to the Kingdom of Barovia far to the N, as some close adventuring friends of the brothers had taken it over. They had to move once again when the kingdom shifted hands again into the clutches of the evil rulers of Gaspa, a neighboring kingdom. Luke recently died in the Battle of Ravenovia.


Phloid – Phloid was a rather confused Ranger who was unintentionally brought into Gamma World. He traveled there for a long time before eventually joining the Holy Avengers. Originally he came from North Pole City on Halfworld, where he was a local lord in some remote area of the planet. He was noted for his excessive substance abuse however, and this personality difference caused him to voluntarily leave the group after a little while.


Red Rex “The Great” (self-proclaimed title; real name unknown) – His father died in the Battle of Emridy Meadows (read A Brief History of the Southwestern Flannaes if you are unfamiliar with that one), and his mother disappeared about a year later. He then lived with his grandmother along with his younger sister Thalia. Soon after that, he started receiving his apprenticeship in magic from his grandfather (on his father’s side, the other side of the family) Eljin, a locally renowned wizard living in Drewell, a small town @ 4 miles away. Eljin knows that his family is of royal birth, and has told Red Rex so many times; however, he cannot prove it. Red Rex is a cousin of Baldo’s.


Red Zingo – Red Zingo is one of the most unusual characters who ever traveled with the group in the Gypsy Lands. He never talked much about his origins, either, but he is remembered as a humorous (well okay, not really humorous, but kind of funny. Well, not really all that funny either, but amusing…uh, interesting. Alright, damn it, he was just plain weird) character who would alternately tell bizarre jokes, then moments later would be thoughtfully introspective. He was disintegrated suddenly and permanently when he tried on a cursed ring in the Valley of the Lost one day.


Saegar of the Crimson Blade – This powerful Half-Ogre barbarian met up with Melindor, Lucas, Luthor, Lupy, Dunn, and Naranzim in Irilian and immediately proved his worth in a bar fight. He started traveling with Melindor, and helped him free Barovia of its curse. He adventures much less frequently nowadays, however, occupying himself with duties in Barovia.


Sakura – The solitary detail known about this extremely strong human is that, being a samurai, he follows in his father’s footsteps. He reportedly comes from far to the NW of Furyondy.


Satem Logan Orion – He and his 2 children are the only survivors of the tragedy of Kran-Lu, a winged folk village in the Hellfurnaces Mountain Range, on the edge of the Sea of Dust on Oerth. Their home was in a large, open cave set into the face of a cliff. A nearby volcano erupted circa Coldeven 575 and caused an earthquake which killed all of the other winged folk before they could escape. Satem had just received his oracle training and was out of the cave gathering food with his children at the time.


Shana – Shana traveled from Port Iron Bottom in Irontooth on Oerth to Albascor’s Lair with Eldric and Baldo, during Baldo’s search for his cousin Red Rex. Just minutes after they reached Albascor’s Lair she made the foolish mistake of comparing herself to Aphrodite and was vaporized in a cloud of smoke.


Snarla – Was a female magic-user who traveled with the Holy Avengers for a very brief time during their journey from Greyhawk to the Barrier Peaks. Very little is known about her.


Sprite Loganar – Sprite met Melindor and Vidmir on Vidindor Isle in Oerth’s Million Isles region while traveling with Dunn, Fandar, and Leona. He adventured with then for a short time and then left to adventure solo on Plontar Isle. Nothing is known of his origins.


Taran of Cear New Dalben – Taran was the very first friend that Coenen made in his travel from Iuz to Willip. He acted as a sort of mentor to him for a while, before Coenen left his company to continue his travel to Willip. Taran grew up in a keep in Idee called Cear Dalben. A 16th level Ranger Lord, he traveled many planes for the better part of a decade during his adventuring career. He has since retired, living a life of idle aristocracy in an “appropriated” keep in the Gnarley Forest that he has renamed Cear New Dalben.


Thorin – Is a Half-Ogre from an uninhabited part of Seascape who met Glomm, Malindakus, Malhabot, Brodo, and Ibi outside of Saltmarsh on the beach behind the haunted house that they were exploring. He joined them, and shortly afterwards they exiled Malhabot.


Thundarr Barbarian – Was a psychotic homicidal pyromaniac that the Chaotic Defenders met up with in Port Iron Bottom. He probably would have fit in well with them, if he hadn’t died in a fight with some guards about 5 minutes after meeting them….


Toboll “Mikey” Shahlauem III – He met Coenen in Furyondy at one of Coenen’s recruiting drives for his personal militia in Chend’l, Furyondy. Coenen took such a liking to this courageous elf that they immediately went on a short adventure together. Shortly afterward, Coenen asked him to become a henchman, and he accepted.


Tzix – This megalomaniacal but extremely powerful feline is truly original. He is Kzinti and originally a native of Kzin, but by a quirk of fate he ended up crash-landing on the Earth’s moon in 1990 in his spaceship. He then made his way to Earth where he found work as a secret agent, and on a mission he was accidentally thrown forward many centuries into the future, years after World War III had changed the Earth dramatically. Soon after winding up in post-holocaust Earth (Gamma World), he met up with the Holy Avengers and joined them as a permanent member.


Zactavia – Very little is known about Zactavia, either. He adventured with Red Rex, Draco, and some other characters on an adventure to the Barrier Peaks, and then quit adventuring when he got back (Hmm, wonder if it was something I said?). He worships an unspecified god in the Chinese pantheon.


Sir Zerik – Oh yes, Sir Zerik. He holds the campaign record for short adventuring careers. On his first adventure, he was Fireballed and killed by Lex; Coenen later resurrected him. They returned to the dungeon to explore some more, and he ran out into the front of the party in his excitement to “get into the action” during a fight with a fog giant. He immediately became druid sauce when a 1000 lb. boulder landed on him (Ooouucchhh!). He was originally from Dyvers.


Zorr Prime – Another unusual character, Zorr Prime is an exiled albino drow elf who is not prone to evil acts like his kinfolk. He is from the distant future of Oerth, and he was accidentally thrown backwards in time on an adventure there. Shortly afterwards, he met the Holy Avengers and began traveling with them.


Well, I should probably describe some of the more notable non-player characters while I’m at it, as they have made a lasting impact on the campaign (even though most of them were never played by an actual person other than the DM). What follows are descriptions of some of the most unusual personalities in this universe or the next….

Aljaken Quist – Was Xandar’s first friend that he met in his adventures after escaping from the Society of Advanced Thought on Sixles. He comes from a small village somewhere in the surrounding area. After they met Melindor and Xandar and he discovered that they were brothers, he became a henchman of Melindor’s.

Baldo McBaggins Sands – Baldo is from the Million Isles region of Oerth. He and his 3 brothers (Bilbo, Izeyah, and Rileyah) started their adventuring careers there and went on a few adventures together. After a while, he bought a boat of his own and began searching for his cousin, Red Rex. He paid a sage to scry on Red Rex, then he went after him and tracked him down in the middle of the desert in the interior of Irontooth Island at Albascor’s Lair. They had a happy reunion, and he joined the party as a permanent member.

Bixxit – Bixxit is a small adolescent Brownie that Luthor found in The Museum one day. He learned that the midgets who run The Museum had killed his parents and orphaned him, so Luthor took him on as an adopted son. His family originally lived in a place called The Great Forest (no one seems to know exactly where that place is).

Bolombo Gigante – Bolombo is a Half-Ogre Mage who joined the Holy Avengers initially as a friend of Grudd, a henchman of Daryn the Wanderer’s. He still travels with group (but now as a henchman of Mikey’s) from time to time and is noted for his leadership abilities. He is believed to come from and has also settled in the Vesve Forest. (It must be noted here that he was played for a time as a player character by Rich Adams, who helped to define his personality.)

Byir-Hunter – Is a Kzin; upon meeting Melindor and becoming a henchman of his, he told him that several square miles of Kzin homeland had somehow been teleported to Sixles, in a sunken valley near the North Pole which is heated geothermically by many active volcanoes in the surrounding area. He made his way from there S across the Ohlijin Wasteland and the Sapotec Mountains to the Gypsy Lands, where he met Melindor while fighting some Gasparian soldiers.

Cyrran Nimitz – Cyrran is one of Coenen’s older brothers, who has adventured with him on and off over the years. He now lives in Greyhawk, where is a ranking monk in Kukla-Chan’s Monastic Order. Like Coenen, he is still searching for their missing brother Morphus, a Magic-user.

Dark Amarong – Met Boris on one of his first adventures, when he broke into the town hall in Willip and was arrested and thrown in jail. He and Dark, Mongol, and Rupelius (2 other fighters locked up in the jail) broke out together and formed the nucleus for a band of adventurers known as the Chaotic Defenders. She later became a henchman of his, and Satem’s girlfriend. She is also a native of Willip.

Dobrynya Nikitch – Dobrynya is Bogatyr of Old Kiev, a knight from medieval Russia on Earth, and he somehow made his way to the City of Greyhawk, where he met the Holy Avengers and traveled with them to the Barrier Peaks. He adventured there with them for a short time and then left to adventure solo.

Sir Galahad – Yes, this is the legendary Sir Galahad of the Knights of the Round Table. In this campaign, King Arthur and his Knights have made their way from Camelot to Admundfort in The Shield Lands, and they are the ruling body there. Coenen and Alid Rahms got lost adventuring in the woods one day and ended up in Admundfort, where they were able to get an audience with Sir Galahad. He took a liking to the noble Coenen and joined them for a few adventures.

Greyday – Greyday comes from the Howling Hills in Iuz. Greyday, who was raised on the western edge, began his heroic career by killing a stray dog (well, ya gotta start somewhere). Shortly afterwards, he was kidnapped from his home by soldiers from the Wolf Nomads, to be recruited as a grunt in their army. He trained in arms and warfare for a time, then escaped using his new fighting knowledge back into the Howling Hills. Several days later, ravenous and exhausted, he came upon Krityn and Daryn’s house and hid in the cellar. Shortly afterwards, he was found and befriended by Krityn and Daryn and they became adventuring buddies.

Grondaria – Has been with Coenen since he first arrived in Willip, where he met him in the Green Griffon Inn. He became a henchman of Coenen’s and has been traveling with him ever since. He is a native of Willip.

Grudd Turke – Grudd is Bolombo’s best friend, and he has been traveled with him since his beginnings in the Vesve Forest. They made their way to Gamma World where they met the Holy Avengers and became henchmen of Daryn’s, and then they came back and left Daryn’s service, being recruited by Mikey. Grudd now lives with Bolombo at his keep in the Vesve Forest.

Harold Shea – Harold is also from the planet Earth, from the year 1981 where he was a physicist. An experiment went wrong in his lab one day, however, and he was thrown into another dimension and wound up on Oerth, where he met the Holy Avengers in Greyhawk. He has proved very helpful to them, especially when they found themselves in Gamma World and he was able to help them figure out how to use some of the technological devices that they found there.

Lex – Lex is the legendary nemesis of the Holy Avengers, and an ongoing feud has been festering between them and Lex and his men for years now. Just when they think they have finished him off for good, he always seems to come back twice as powerful and with twice as many men to help him finish the party off. Originally he had fooled Coenen into believing that he was a NG thief, and they traveled together; however, one day at Strange New World (a rather unusual dungeon adventure), he betrayed Coenen and killed Sir Zerik. He escaped into the woods and adventured with Gorgo (while he was still evil), and he has been a bitter enemy of Coenen’s ever since. He once mentioned originating in a far-off place called the Black Banana Forest.

Lichtenbraun – Started off as the cleric Roaky Swerked and became a friend of Tzix, Mikey, and Gorgo on Oerth, but one night (the night the Greater Naranzim divinely ascended from the planet Sixles) he was visited in his sleep by the Greater Naranzim and it converted him to the ways of Naranzism; he woke up the next morning and proclaimed himself to be Lichtenbraun, Messenger of Naranzism. He comes from Gorna in the Valley of the Mage.

Los Angeles, 10 Miles – Los Angeles is a little confused; his family are uneducated mutants from post-holocaust Earth, and their practice is to name their children after the first road sign that the father sees when they are born (You think his name is stupid? He has a sister named Burger King Next Exit…).

Lyana – This homicidal nymphomaniac hose monster is simply too useful for the Sixles characters to get rid of, so they put up with her psychopathic tendencies. She began her life as a rare race of creature known as a woods vampire, but during her early adventures with Gareth and Dyrka was killed and resurrected as a gray elf. Despite her bizarre ways, she has proved herself as a reliable and powerful companion. (Lyana was played for a time by Jim Broady; most of the disgusting things that she is known for doing came out of his mind. Regular therapy sessions seem to be helping him, however.)

Mikey McLaughlin – Mikey is from Earth, in the year 1995. He was a Secret Agent friend of Tzix’s and also a speed metal guitarist. When Tzix was zapped forward in time, he went looking for him and accidentally ended up on Halfworld. Tzix later on a whim had Sthan scry on him to find him, and they were able to go and pick him up. He has since become a permanent member of the Holy Avengers, who make constant use of his unusual abilities.

Mongol Ridir and Rupelius Siranai – Are the 2 fighters that Boris helped to escape from the jail in Willip the night he found himself there. They later became henchmen of Boris’ and members of the Chaotic Defenders. They are also natives of Willip.

Naranzim Gingwatzim Simulacrum – Naranzim is the icon of his religion, the legendary hero, and the role model for millions of transcendentalists across the multiverse. He was created by a divine entity known as the Greater Naranzim when Melindor, Xandar, and the Metamorphums encountered it in their travels. They introduced it to the pleasures of hallucinogenic substances, and it found a new purpose for its existence. It started a new religion based on transcendental enlightenment via intoxication, and it created Naranzim to spread the holy word. He is a permanent member of the group now.

Poppy (The Plant of Power) – Poppy is a mystery; he met the Holy Avengers in the ship in the Barrier Peaks, and Krityn (a druid at the time) took such a liking to him that they took him along as a companion. He is a form of intelligent talking plant, but he knows nothing about the ship that they found him in or his origins because he is immobile and couldn’t explore the ship himself.

U.S. President Paul X. Kelly, U. S. Army Retired 4-Star General – Tzix rescued President Kelly on his last adventure on Earth from a band of terrorists; he was looking for a way out of the mansion that they were in, and he accidentally activated a time machine that threw them into Gamma World together. There they became good friends and met the Holy Avengers. The President has since returned to Earth to continue his term of office.

Ryndana Gudas – Ryndana is Melindor’s girlfriend, who met him when his party encountered her band of gypsies N of the City of Irilian. Her family’s group constantly travels throughout the area.

Solomon Niner – Solomon is a sage that the Holy Avengers hired in Willip, and after getting to know them he became a very good friend of theirs, so much that he actually accompanied them on several adventures. He and Gorgo have formed a special bond, as they have shared many intoxicating beverages (and substances) together.

Sthan – This alien from another galaxy in the distant future of the planet Earth has blessed the Holy Avengers with his presence at times, ever since they met him during their time in Gamma World. He is incredibly powerful, and has abilities that the other adventurers can only marvel at. He is easily the toughest hombre who ever traveled with the group. When they returned to Oerth, he immediately divinely ascended and started his own pantheon and religion.

Trilloch – Trilloch is Gorgo’s henchman, and he has traveled with him on many adventures. He is a native of Willip, where he met Gorgo in the Green Griffon Inn one day when his cousin Bernic (the bartender and owner of the Green Griffon) introduced the 2 of them.

Tweety – Most people think Tweety is a cross between a parrot and a gorilla, but he actually is a plant; if you don’t believe me, he can show you his berries growing under his…well, he’ll show you his berries. He comes from Lol in Gamma World, where he met Los Angeles and Ziebart, also natives of Lol. There they met the Holy Avengers and became henchmen of Coenen’s.

Vidmir – Was Melindor’s first best friend, but he died while Melindor and the Metamorphum brothers were trying to stop the rising of the Dark in Irilian. He bravely volunteered to give his life in order to help banish the Dark back to the Void, and his body and soul were forever cast into the vast nothingness within it. He originally came from an island near Plontar Isle in the Million Isles.

Ziebart (Professor Clark A. Denton, III) – Ziebart is a Human from the 22nd century of Earth who reached the age of 95 and was nearing death. He was able to purchase an Android body, however, and his brain was transplanted inside that body so that he could continue to “live”. During the holocaust in the 23rd century, he was placed into stasis in an underground bunker in a Vendaface machine which was programmed to rearrange his features to resemble the first creature to deactivate the stasis field. Thus when he was discovered by Los Angeles in 2451 it made Ziebart look just like him. The 2 of them started adventuring together and met Tweety, and later they met the Holy Avengers and were taken on as henchmen by Coenen, who returned to Oerth with them.

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